Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Is A Configuration Nightmare

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When Ford released its GT350R, the R in it was meant to be lighter, therefore, the automaker had mainly stripped down the car to its core. That means the standard equipments like air conditioning, audio system, navigation, Sync 3, a rearview camera, and back seats (just to name a few) were removed. All just to make it lighter. But now customers can have it back – especially the back seat – because apparently, there seems to be a demand for it.

So, what’s so special about the seat that it is acquiring a lot of consumer demand as of late? The seat that’s upholstered in the same black microsuede with red piping as the front seats is not available as an accessory, and wondering about the price tag already? It’s being sold for a whopping $999 plus dealer installation (don’t worry, it comes with seat belts too).

Apparently, customers wanted the maximum Shelby, but then again, are not so into the minimalistic spec. If you add back in every optional item that the R has removed, the differences between the GT350R and GT350 can only come down to the R’s revised suspension. So, the question here still remains.

Would you rather get the back seat back?

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