Ford Mustang Shakes At Thought of Autonomous Driving

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Generally car makers add on a new feature if they think it is going to make them some money. With autonomous driving being popular carmakers are considering adding it to their vehicles, but the Ford Mustang is one vehicle that is shaking in its boots at the thought of it.

Self-driving cars are typically sought after by those who go after luxury and ease of driving. The Ford Mustang however isn’t gone after for these things and its more about the handling and drive that people choose it. Putting autonomous technology in enthusiasts cars its going to go down very well.

Ford is one company who gets this and we don’t think they would be silly enough to put autonomous driving into the Ford Mustang. Ford spoke to Autocar recently and they said that they intend to continue offering the Mustang for the authentic driver, even though they are giving the Ford Fusion auto tech.

So for now at least the Ford Mustang isn’t going to be jumping onto the bandwagon and going autonomous. If it did it would lose favour with the drivers who like the fun ride it offers along with the V8 engine.

The only question now on the lips of fans of the Ford Mustang is what the new generation of the Mustang will look like and what performance it is going to offer up.

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