Ford Mustang EcoBoost Feels Worse Thanks To Mustang GT

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While the Ford Mustang may be nothing special to the US, they have had it around for so long now; in the UK it is a vehicle that is exotic, rare and interesting. However, Ford has launched the right hand drive version and if it takes off and we get a steady stream in the UK it won’t be so rare. If you are buying a Mustang then surely you have to go for the V8 GT version right? This is a question that recently asked readers.

With the price of petrol being so high perhaps many people in the UK would opt for the 2.3 litre EcoBoost version of the Ford Mustang. However this hasn’t turned out so as sales of the Mustang have been of the V8 variety and it seems that around 70% of people chose the GT since the Mustang was made available in the UK.

But is the EcoBoost engine a good choice and can you really call it a proper Ford Mustang? pointed out that when it comes to looks you really can’t tell the two versions apart. Its only when you hit the starter button to start the engine that you can tell any difference. All you get from the EcoBoost version is a drone, while with the V8 you get that unmistakable rumble from the engine.

The 5 litre Coyote engine isn’t the most interesting of engines, however, you can pick up a new V8 Ford Mustang and the price tag comes in at under £35k. While it does offer up the coupe body and 420 horses, it’s not really classed as a sports car, but then the Mustang doesn’t try to be.

If you were to climb into the EcoBoost version of the Ford Mustang you might expect the same but slower of course. However the smaller and lighter engine really does make a lot of difference. The Mustang is eager and it does come in a lot closer to being a sports car than the GT. It isn’t slow either as it reaches 62mph in 5.8 seconds, while the GT is 4.8 seconds. One thing that is hated about the EcoBoost is the fake engine sound that comes through the speakers.

While there is a lot to like about the EcoBoost Ford Mustang did point out that the GT version did slightly come out ahead for them. The EcoBoost offers up 17mpg when on the country roads and the GT around 13mpg. On the motorway you get around 38mpg from the EcoBoost and its 2.3 litre engine and around 33mpg in the GT.

But which would you choose, would it be the EcoBoost or would you go for the V8 Ford Mustang?

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