Ford Mustang Could Become A Family

Now that the first model based on the Ford Mustang is here, there were talks about us possibly seeing more Ford Mustang-based models in the future.

With the release of the Mach-E, Ford is looking to spread the Mustang wider. Murat Gueler from Ford explain that they have discussed about building a family which is possible now since the Mustang is now being offered globally.

The new Mach-E will come in with the Mustang logo and will be wearing a design that is based on the Mustang but according to Gueler, their plan for the Mustang family will be more than just stretching and shrinking the Mach-E but models that will look very distinct from one another.

There is not a whole lot of details on what Ford plans to do right now but we should be learning more about it soon enough.