Ford GT Production Figures Stand At 75 Instead Of 250

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There isn’t a thing not to like about the brand new Ford GT as this is a prestigious vehicle that is fast and very powerful. There is one issue with it though and this is that it is produced in numbers that are limited. Another issue is the steep price tag.

When the Ford GT was initially revealed it was said that the vehicle would be produced in a number of 250 and that owners would be selected carefully. Now Ford has spoken out about this and said that the owners of the GT are not fixed.

They said that 70% of the owners of the Ford GT are the same people who bought the old version of the vehicle, which means that there is only 75 units left for those who want to purchase it the first time around as the remainder have been sold to existing owners.

This means that the next time Ford says that they are developing a brand new Ford GT you should take 70% off the amount offered as these will be existing owners.

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