Ford Focus RS: Even Broken Ones Cost A Bomb!

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The Ford Focus RS is a high performance vehicle that comes with its own pre-programmed driving mode for drifting and this has made it popular, despite its high price tag. Recently we saw an ad on eBay that showed that even broken vehicles come with a very high price tag.

The Ford Focus RS makes drifting a lot easier thanks to the driving mode that Ford put into it, however there are some people who haven’t quite being able to master drifting and this has resulted in damage to their vehicles.

A 2016 Ford Focus RS was listed on eBay and it might have suffered at the hands of an inept driver trying to drift and perhaps ran out of road whilst trying to do so. The vehicle in question had 2, 102 miles on the clock and a wrecked front end by the asking price is $23,700 or best offer.

So it seems that even broken versions of the 2016 Ford Focus RS don’t come cheap, of course it does only have a little of 2,000 miles on the clock, bet the owner was gutted.

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