Ford Focus Active Won’t Be Heading To America Anymore?

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When Ford took the covers off their new Ford Focus earlier this year, they also added that the vehicle would be heading to the US as the Ford Focus Active crossover model which was something we were looking forward to but it looks like we can forget about seeing it on your shores thanks to the 25% import tariffs on Chinese-built goods.

If things were to go according to Ford’s plan, the Ford Focus Active sales would have begun in the second half of next year but it does not make sense to Ford now since the vehicle was projected to have only 50,000 annual sales. Taking into consideration the tariff, the profits from the Focus Active would not be significant enough to justify bringing it over.

With how things are going on right now, it looks like the Ford Mustang will be the only passenger car that Ford will be offering in the US for now while the rest would be trucks.

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