Ford Focus Active Could Still Come To America?

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With the U.S Tariffs now in place, Ford announced that they will most likely not be offering the Ford Focus Active here in the US as the vehicle is currently being build in China but Trump thinks that Ford could still offer it here in the US.

With the tariffs in place, all Ford need to do now to sell their Ford Focus Active here in the US would be to build it here in the US, that way, Ford won’t have to pay the tariffs. However, according to Ford, it would not be profitable to build the Ford Focus Active here in the US since the expected sales volume is predicted to be lower than 50,000 units.

Ford previously stated that the 25% tariffs on China would make it impossible for Ford to hit their profit target with the Ford Focus Active. That means the Ford Mustang will not be the only passenger car offered by Ford in the US.

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