Ford Fiesta RS: We Won’t Be Part Of It

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Ford has not yet confirmed the Ford Fiesta RS. In fact, they have already mentioned a few times that they are not working on any Fiesta that is more powerful than the Fiesta ST but that has not stop the people from speculating about an RS model.

According to Motoring, Ford Fiesta RS is working on a Ford Fiesta RS model. This was after Ford’s Performance Europe boss decided to be cheeky and say that he can’t tell us more when he was asked if the RS might happen.

While that is far from a confirmation, the fact that he chooses to avoid answering the question instead of telling us that it is not happening has fans curious about what Ford could be planning.

However, whether it is going to happen or not, we know one thing for sure. The Ford Fiesta RS will not to come our way so even if Ford does release one, there is no real reason for us to get excited about it.

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