Ford Fiesta RS Not Needed If This Leaked Project Is Real

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The Ford Fiesta RS may not be needed if this leaked project of the Ford Fiesta ST is anything to go by.

The Ford Fiesta RS could have to make way for the ST which is full of muscle and it was said that the 1.6 litre turbo mill engine could increase on the 215PS.

It was said that the suspension could be revised and there would be bodykit that was even more extreme on the Ford Fiesta RS Plus. Along with a front end that is new, revisions to the side skirts and suspension that has been sport tuned.

It was said that plans to bring out the Ford Fiesta RS may have been put to rest as the need has been lost and Ford don’t have plans for such a model in their hot hatch line. The ST in the Mountune state is just 35PS of the 250 that we have seen in the larger Focus ST.

However the Ford Fiesta RS may be what marketers want as the new Focus RS has received a great deal of attention and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are not going to be seeing any new RS models coming our way. It simply means that for the time being Ford is being judicious about things.