Ford Fiesta RS: Is It Still On The Table

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There have long been rumors about Ford possibly working on a new Fiesta that would be even more powerful than the Ford Fiesta ST that we have now. Despite the fact that Ford has made it clear that no Fiesta RS is in the making, this rumor just can’t seem to go away.

According to Motoring, Leo Roeks, the chief of Ford Performance Europe was asked if a hotter Fiesta was arriving to which he said “I can’t tell” Seeing as Ford had outrightly denied working on one, some people are saying that the fact that he is not answering anything could be an indication that they are working on something and he is afraid that he might say too much.

Of course, we like many of the fans are hoping that this rumor is true but at this point, there is really no way to confirm it. It would be best to take it with a pinch of salt now until Ford announces something.

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