Ford Fiesta RS: All The Excitement Was For Nothing

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Although Ford has mentioned many times that they will not be working on a new Ford Fiesta RS model, the people just can’t seem to get it out of their mind.

Earlier this month, there were rumors saying that Ford could be working on a Ford Fiesta RS model after Leo Roeks suggested that he might be thinking of something that is faster than the Fiesta ST.

That led many people to believe that the RS is back on the table for the Fiesta but according to Amko Leenarts, the Europe design director, it is not necessary to build a hotter Fiesta right now as the current Fiesta ST is powerful enough.

But if that is the case, what is the hotter Fiesta ST that Leo Roeks was talking about. We might have to wait for some time before we get the answer to that question but at least we now know for sure that no Fiesta RS will be coming our way anytime soon.

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