Ford F-150 Hybrid: What’s Happening With The Vehicle?

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Some people thought that perhaps Ford was kidding when they said that they wanted to launch a new Ford F-150 and it would come with a hybrid powertrain, but it seems that they meant it.

Ford is already developing the Ford F-150 Hybrid and they are going to offer an update on the progress of the vehicle. They have also said that they are testing variables and identifying the best system for the hybrid pickup.

While they are indecisive at the moment, early results have suggested that they may lean towards the Lightning Hybrid, which is a new system.

Lightning Hybrids make use of a unique hydraulic energy accumulator for providing alternative thrust for large work vehicles. This may turn out to be the best choice for Ford due to the fact that the new generation hybrid system will not put a burden on the battery pack when the vehicle is towing. The Lightning Hybrid also offers a superb balance of fuel economy and power.

Ford hasn’t released any details and they won’t until the Ford F-150 Hybrid concept is revealed. It is thought that this should happen in 2019, before the projected release date of the vehicle.