Ford F-150 Hybrid Vehicle Arrives For The Haters

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We haven’t heard anything formal from Ford about the Ford F-150 hybrid but we are expecting to see the vehicle make its way out with a small diesel engine and it should have a gas electric hybrid drive.

We have recently seen the Ford F-150 hybrid on the roads and despite the vehicle being under wrappings it wasn’t difficult to make out the fact that this was the 150 hybrid, thanks to the fenders at the front.

You could clearly see a break in the pattern of the wrappings and this may be where the plug-in charge port lies.

In a video recently we were also treated to the sound of the engine when the Ford F-150 hybrid drives away at the green light. The regular vehicle comes with stop and start technology, so the fact that it did manage to start and drive away isn’t such a big giveaway.

It was said that the Ford F-150 in the video reaches 35mph and then the gas engines ceases and the electric takes over.

So this may well be the first signs of the Ford F-150 hybrid being tested.

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