Ford F-150 Get Two Separate Recalls

Ford will be issuing two recalls for their Ford F-150 model. Here is what we know right now.

The first recalled will be for the 2015 to 2016 Ford F-150 pickup truck which is said to have some defective engine block heater cables that could lead to a short circuit. These will be affected 2015 to 2016 models that were fitted with the 3.5-liter GTDI engine. The cables might not have the right length and heat protection which could lead to them degrading. Damage to the cable could lead to a short when the vehicle is parked with the engine block heater plugged in.

The second recall will affect the 2018 to 2020 Ford F-150 as it was reported that the LED headlights and DRL do not meet the federal safety standard where the DRL remains activated instead of dimming when the headlights are in low beam position.

There is also a third recall that will affect the 2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty and 2021 E-Series models.