Ford F-150: Chevrolet Silverado Feeling The Burn?

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Ford latest commercial is definitely directed towards their rivals. Although no names were mentioned, it was pretty clear who they were referring to.

The new commercial call Big Dog points out how the Ford F-150 is still on the top and that despite everything their rivals are trying to do, they are still going to be in their shadows. Of course, Ford did still try to keep it classy but leaving their rivals’ name out of the commercial which is not what Chevrolet did in their Silverado commercials.

Instead of mentioning their rivals, Ford decided to have a little fun with sand sculpture and dog bobblehead. Of course, there is no denying that their rivals are gaining on them with new engines, exterior, and interior upgrades and mode but it looks like Ford is still confident that they are still on the top. Check out the latest ad and tell us what you think.

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