Ford F-150 And Ram 1500 Now Less Awful In 2017

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that just because something is unreliable or unsatisfactory it is going to be left on the shelf. This may apply to the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 as Blue Oval has ranked the 8th worst in a Customer Satisfaction Index of JD Power.

Many people will say that this doesn’t apply to the Ford F-150 pickup as after all this has been responsible for taking Blue Oval to the top in the US. However the results could be seen as good as they were ranked sixth last year.

Fiat Chrysler and the Ram 1500 aren’t getting away lightly as while it is said that they are one of the most unreliable brands, the pickup trucks are still selling very well. The Ram has year to date sales growth of 4.5% this year, even though the Ram came in ranked as the worst in the JD Power list.

However there is good news too for the Ram 1500 as it isn’t the worst any longer. Now it has moved two spots above Jeep and Fiat. While this really isn’t anything to shout home about, at least they are not as bad as they were last year.