Ford Explorer RS Takes On Ford Bronco: But Which Would You Go For?

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A lot of people would like the Ford Bronco to make its way back to the roads and then there are others that would like to see the Ford Explorer RS come to the market. We haven’t heard anything about either of the vehicles though, which is a disappointment.

Many people believed that the Ford Bronco may show up at the Detroit Auto Show and come back onto the roads in the US but this didn’t occur. Ford haven’t said anything and all that fans have are renders at the moment.

The Ford Bronco does get a great deal of love and so much so that people have dedicated an entire forum to the 6th gen version.

The Ford Explorer RS would perhaps be the perfect SUV for winter driving as it could deal with snow and ice perfectly.

Both the Ford Bronco and the Ford Explorer RS are miles apart in many ways but they do share the same connection in that both are going to offer driving experiences that are great.

However would you go for the Ford Bronco or would you choose the Ford Explorer RS?

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