Ford Explorer RS Takes On 2017 Ford Bronco In Mythical Battle

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People want to see the arrival of the Ford Bronco back after it been so long away. There are also some who would like to see the Ford Explorer RS and take on the Bronco. But are we going to see either of the vehicles and if so when will they arrive on the market.

People thought that the Ford Bronco may make an appearance on the road after it was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. This is something that didn’t happen and we haven’t heard anything about its release from Ford. All that fans have right now are renderings of the Bronco that have been modelled around older SUVs.

It is looking though as the love for the Ford Bronco is still there as now there is a forum that has been dedicated to the 6th gen of the vehicle. However people are still hoping that the Bronco is coming our way.

The Ford Explorer RS would look superb in the RS version and many believe that this would be the perfect winter SUV as it would be able to deal perfectly with the ice and snow conditions.

The Ford Explorer RS and the Ford Bronco may be two vehicles that are total opposites. However they do share one thing and this is that they offer a driving experience that is superb.

So would you go with the Ford Bronco or the Ford Explorer RS?

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