Ford Explorer RS Takes on 2017 Ford Bronco In Huge Mythical Battle

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There are many people who would like to see the Ford Bronco make its way back to the market after it being absent for such a long time. The same can be said about the Ford Explorer RS really.

When the Ford Bronco appeared at the Detroit Auto Show people thought that we might see it come to the showrooms, however this never happened. All we have right now is the renderings that fans have offered up based on older generations of the Bronco.

Many people want the Ford Bronco and there is plenty of love for it as some fans have come up with a forum that is dedicated to the sixth generation of the Bronco.

When it comes to the Ford Explorer RS it is hoped that is comes with looks that great. It is going to need them if it is to take on the Ford Mustang. Many people have said that it could end up being the perfect SUV for winter as it deals with snow and ice superbly.

Both the Ford Explorer RS and the Ford Bronco are trucks that are in different directions; however both will still offer a driving experience that is going to be amazing.

But which would you most like to see, is it the Ford Bronco or the Ford Explorer RS?