Ford Explorer RS Fights 2017 Ford Bronco in Fight of Mythical Proportions

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There are many people who would like to see the Ford Bronco make its return to the roads and there are others who would like the Ford Explorer RS to come back. But which of the two would come out ahead?

Everyone thought that the Ford Bronco might be coming back after it made its appearance at the Detroit Auto Show. It never did and all we have is renderings of the vehicle from fans to put us on. These were made using Bronco versions of the past along with newer SUVs and trucks.

There is still a great deal of love for the Ford Bronco and so much so that some fans have dedicated a forum to the sixth generation of the Bronco.

People still want to see the Ford Explorer RS come to the market and many believe that this could be the perfect winter SUV for dealing with snow and ice on the roads.

While the Ford Explorer RS and the Ford Mustang are opposites they both share the share superb driving experience on the road and both are much wanted.

But would you go for the Ford Mustang or would you choose the Ford Explorer RS if they both came out at the same time?