Ford Escape: Honda HR-V Killer In The Works

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Ford have been competing with the Honda HR-V for a long time now and most of the time, the Honda HR-V ends up being the winner but things might start changing with the arrival of the 2017 Ford Escape model.

Ford will be giving the Ford Escape some much-needed upgrade. Ford will start by looking at some of the comments their customers had of the Ford Escape and work from there.

One of the issue that the Ford Escape seems to have is the interior space. There have been a lot of complaint about how small the interior feels. For the 2017 model, Ford will be working on the interior to make sure their customers will have more wiggle room.

While the interior should be more spacious, the exterior measurement of the Ford Escape will remain the same. They will be upgrading some of the exterior features like the LED taillight as well as the grille.

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  1. Ken

    March 20, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Escape couldn’t have competed with the HR-V for “a long time now” because the HR-V is a new car that just came to market in 2015. Maybe CR-V?