Ford, Dodge Leaves Chevy Silverado Empty-Handed

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GM have been said to be comical when competing in the auto industry. While there are some vehicles that are great for the company, they haven’t been able to become dominant.

We have seen evidence of this with the Chevrolet Silverado as GM have done everything they can to try to convince people that the Silverado should be chosen over the Ford F-150. They have even gone as far as coming up with bizarre marketing for the truck; the truck still comes in second though behind the F-150, which is built from aluminium.

The Ford F-150 managed to kill off some of the competition in sales, but at the same time it managed to enjoy awards. The Ford F-150 was given Truck of Texas in 2016 by the Texas Auto Writers.

The Chevrolet Silverado however hasn’t been able to pick up any awards. GM should perhaps be worried about this as they have been cocky with marketing and this hasn’t helped the Silverado at all. If they should continue this way, GM is going to continue being known as the comedian among the automotive industry.

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