Ford Can’t Sell Their Mustang Fast Enough

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The Ford Mustang was a huge success but even with all the attention that the Mustang was getting, Ford still could not sell them fast enough to keep the plants going.

According to Ford, they will be shutting down some of their plants to slow down the production process. A total of 5 plants will be affected. Ford added that the plants will be closed for 10 weeks.

Three of the plants will be in the US while the other two will be in Mexico. Models that will be affected including the Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, Ford Focus, Lincoln Continental, Ford Fiesta, Ford Transit van as well as the Ford Mustang.

It was reported that from the 1st of September onwards, Ford already had 111 days worth of Ford Mustang in storage while the Ford Fusion has 87days of supply. We do not know how many workers will be layoffs but with 15,000 people working for the factories, things are certainly not looking great for Ford.

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