Ford Bronco vs Ford Explorer RS: How Is This Going To End?

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People can come up with the most redundant of ideas. We all want the Ford Bronco to be back; we need it back. We also would like to think that there could be a possibility for a Ford Explorer RS to exist too. Man, are we greedy. But seriously, it’s really about time Ford shows these eager enthusiasts what they’ve got planned in the works because we can’t be waiting forever, right?

There’s no denying that everyone has been hoping for an appearance of the Bronco at the Detroit Auto Show; but again, it’s a no-show. The disappointing fact that it’s still not being shown in showrooms is still not stopping us from believing in its existence though, because there are still renderings made by fans through styling elements from previous Bronco generations and modern Ford trucks and SUVs.

Perhaps the love for the Bronco hasn’t actually died. And if that isn’t enough to prove our undying love for the truck, there’s also an entire forum dedicated to a “sixth generation Bronco” that many people are optimistic for it in turning into a reality.

As for the Ford Explorer RS, we’re hopeful that it could look as good since the RS version would definitely ensure Ford’s attestation at the Explorer is seen within the association as a whole deal sub-check and not just recognisable proof for obliged variant models. It’s also going to be the “Winter SUV” perfect for your whereabouts since it’s got perfect handling on snowy and dicy road conditions.

The Bronco and the Explorer RS could be two trucks from different polar opposites, but they are still going to provide one hell of an amazing driving experience it they were to become a reality. Which one of the other would you rather pick, and why?

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