Ford Bronco Needed A Helping Hand From Ford Mustang

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The Ford Bronco is something of an icon after 30 years and more than five major updates, even though at the moment you cannot buy it. It hasn’t been around for 20 years in the US but it has remained at the hearts of fans.

Ford finally revealed that they are bringing back the Ford Bronco and it is going to arrive in the US in 2020. Fans are excited to hear this news of course as they have been asking for its return for some time now.

However if you look back in time to the middle of the 1960s, the general manager of Ford was Donald Frey. He was the person behind the Ford Mustang and he said that the sportscar needed to have a stablemate and the Ford Bronco was that vehicle. So the Bronco got its start in life thanks to the Mustang.

The original Ford Bronco came off the production line with the optional 289 CID V8, just as the Ford Mustang did. At that time this was something new as no other carmaker gave their small 4×4 vehicles the V8.

The Ford Bronco and the Ford Mustang have both been superb vehicles and both went on to become legends and icons. So fans have the Ford Mustang to thank for the arrival of the Bronco.

But is the new Ford Bronco going to be able to match or come close to the sales of the Ford Mustang when it arrives?

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