2016 Ford Bronco Hybrid: Say Goodbye To Haters (Prediction)

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The Ford Bronco has been out of production for over a decade now but that hasn’t stopped it from taking some limelight every now and then.

The last came about as rumors surfaced of Ford planning on introducing its hybrid technology to its pickup truck line – in particular the Ford F-150.

Now as we know, the Ford Bronco was based on the original F-series trucks so if there is a 2016 Ford Bronco in the works it would be based on the current generation Ford F-150 platform.

With that said, a hybrid Ford Bronco would be just the right balance of macho sized proportions but eco-friendly driving so as to not get the tree huggers in a knot.

We know that the demise of the H2 and H3 would have Ford rethinking whether a Ford Bronco reboot would work. But a hybrid? Why not!

So what do you think of a Ford Bronco Hybrid? Will consumers want one? Will it sell well enough? Sound off in the comments below.

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