Ford Bronco Could Match Original’s Removable Roof

New patent files by Ford showed that the Ford Bronco could be fitted with a removable roof as well.

According to Ford Authority, the files showed a square-shaped SUV with a roof that is detachable similar to how the Jeep Wrangler right now. While some might question the safety of having such a roof, the papers also showed that Ford has already tested this out and has come to the conclusion that the roof will be able to take on four times the weight of the vehicle before actually crushing inwards.

Other patents also suggest that the Ford Bronco could come with removable doors and maybe a detachable cloth top that would double as an awning stretching out from the back of the vehicle but we will have to wait and see which of these features actually makes it onto the production version of the vehicle.

The Ford Bronco is set to arrive next year.