Ford Bronco And Ranger Likes To Play Hide-And-Seek Apparently

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The recent Detroit Auto Show has certainly wowed the crowd and many enthusiasts’ dream actually came true when they get to see their dream cars coming to life. But that didn’t include the two of the most talked-about vehicles that we are dying to see; what’s stopping the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger for public viewing?

Ford promised that we’ll get to see a Bronco by 2020, and since that’s like 4 years from now, it wouldn’t hurt to actually see at least a concept car of it, at the very least? And don’t get us started on the Ranger; the much-loved Ranger which wouldn’t even want to be sharing the spotlight at the North American event.

Bringing these two trucks back into action would make a great deal, as people have been rooting on them and just couldn’t wait to see them in action again. We keep hearing a reboot, then a discontinuation and back to being rebooted again; if Ford truly puts their fans’ concerns into consideration, they’d have no right to be playing with our feelings because it hurts.

So, we’ve gone through the LA Auto Show, the Detroit Auto Show, so here’s hoping we could see the Bronco and Ranger come to life in the upcoming events.

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