For HTC 10, Only $400 Would Succeed

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HTC have been offering some big discounts on the HTC 10 but many people don’t think that they have dropped the price tag enough. Fans of the company are saying that the handset isn’t worth buying unless the price tag drops to $400.

The drop in price on the HTC 10 and other handsets from the phone maker is for a limited time only and the offers are only available if you live in the US. The promotion with the title of Green is Good, is being run for this week only.

They are trying to get people to believe that the HTC 10 is a steal as they are offering a discount of $150, which brings the price down to $549. However consumers are not agreeing and say that it’s far from being a steal.

Among the comments from fans one said that the HTC 10 was still way too expensive even with the discount and price tag of $549. The device should be within the $400 price tag for it to be a steal. It seems that the majority of people want the device to come in at around $399 for them to be encouraged to go out and buy it.

But what do you think about the price reduction of the HTC 10, is it enough to get you to go out and buy it or would it have to come down to around $399?

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