For Honor New Hero Announced For Next Week

For Honor will be getting a new hero next as part of the Wu Lin faction that was introduced with the new Marching Fire Expansion.

The new hero will be available to those with a Year 3 Pass. Call Zhanhu, the hero can be played as both females or make and relies on dodging and striking their opponents. If you don’t own the Year 3 Pass, you can still play the hero but you will have to wait a little longer and will need to spend 15,000 Steel to play the hero.

Season 4 will also come with a few interesting updates including a new Breach map with the Wu Lin fortress on top of the mountain and more Hero and Feat balancing.

Zhanhu will be added to the game on the 7th of November for those with the Pass while the rest of the players will have to wait until the 14th of November to play the hero.