First Black Samsung Galaxy S3 From A US Carrier Leaked [PICS]

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Like the latest unproven Hollywood starlet, the black Samsung Galaxy S3 is all over the Internet, getting everyone going with its dusky looks. Is it glossy or matte? Glitzy or classy? Tell us!

T-Mobile black Samsung Galaxy S3 breaks cover

This newest shot was papped on T-Mobile’s US site by TechnoBuffalo. The phone was rotating in an intriguing animation to promote T-Mo’s amazing 4G network. The dancing gif is now gone, replaced by a black Galaxy S2 – bit of a blast from the past.

This may well mean that the black Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t ready for its close-up yet, but it does prove it’s real, as the people running T-Mobile’s site must have got the graphics from Samsung. The black Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the public on Samsung’s Facebook page last week – enjoying a day out at the Olympics and air-kissing a white S3. These pics made it look matte, but these newer shots look glossy. It could be an effect added by T-Mobile’s spinning graphic, but we don’t know.

UK seller MobileFun had the black Samsung Galaxy S3 listed last week, but fessed up to finding the image online rather than getting it from Samsung. People pre-ordering this mystery handset can expect to shell out around £500.

This is around the regular price for the white and blue Samsung Galaxy S3, but you can get those for less with a contract.

Black T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3

Black T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3

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