Firefox For Android Gets Update: More Power & Speed

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There has been an update to Firefox for the Android OS and it brings power and speed enhancements to tablets and other devices. This update will be welcomed by those who still use Firefox as their chosen browser.

Firefox for Android gets update

The update offers users many fixes such as providing a native user interface for tablets and a faster start up time along with a new bar. If you want to look at desktop sites you can request this from the menu and there is now a better experience when using tabs. Users can now use the find in page and there is support for SPDY protocol v3. Bookmarks along with the history can also now be imported in the settings.

Mozilla, the guys behind Firefox, have said that speed along with performance should be greatly improved. This means that boot up times will be faster and pages will also open faster. Panning and zooming on websites have also seen some improvements.

If the company brings out updates like this then they may have a chance against the current favorite, Chrome for Android.

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