Final Fantasy XVI Already On The Way

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It does not feel like Final Fantasy XV was released about a year ago but it is closing in on the one-year mark and it looks like Square Enix is not going to waste any time with the next game.

New reports are suggesting that Square Enix is already working on the next installment. This started after a job posting for a 2D artist was brought to light. In the description, the states that the company is looking to hire a 2D artist that will be working on a certain RPG’s numbered title.

The post also added that the company is responsible for some of the huge RPGs around. Of course, this could be any of the developers and publishers out there but the one that got the fans attention was the location of the headquarters.

It states that the headquarter of the company is one minute from Higashi-Shinjuku station on the Oedo Line and Fukutoshin Line. To narrow it down further, it says that the headquarters is also eight minutes away from the Shinjuku Station.

Fans easily pinpoint the location as Square Enix’s headquarter. While it could be Square Enix, it might be for another game but at this point, most people are convinced that it is FFXVI.

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