Final Fantasy XV Will Not Claim Largest PC Game Title

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Earlier this week, it was “leaked” that the Final Fantasy XV for the PC will be 170GB in size which would make it one of the largest PC game title but according to Director Hajime Tabata, that is far from the truth.

170GB would make the game huge! To put things into perspective, the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare which is a fairly large game is 130GB. He added that while the leaked memo was the real deal, the information on it was not. It was a mistake, a communication mistake.

He went on to add that they have not settled on a required specs yet but somebody had already put it in. The one we saw was not the final version so we might see a different set of requirements when the game is released.

Of course, the size of the game and the specs requirement would probably have no effect on the sales of the game when it is released.

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