Final Fantasy XV: Where Does Square Enix Wants To Go?

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Most people would be done with Final Fantasy XV’s main quest by now but Square Enix is not ready to pack their bags just yet. We know that they are working on the DLCs for each of Noctis members but it looks like there is more that Square Enix would like to explore.

In a recent survey done by Square Enix, they ask their fans to pick things that they would like to see in the near future. The list contains a fair amount of suggestions and idea including adding a few playable characters like Iris, Lunafreya and more.

There was also the idea of adding a new difficulty mode to the game along with some other suggestion. If any one of these gets the most votes, there is a high chance that we might see it in the future.

So if you would like to see any of these happen, vote for it.

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