Final Fantasy XV Heading To Switch?

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As if the Final Fantasy XV game is not crazy enough, Square Enix has decided to take things one step further by introducing a new Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.

The Pocket Edition is more like a casual version of the Final Fantasy XV as fans will get to witness some of the most important events in the game in Chibi form. There will be 10 chapters in total.

As exciting as that was, the one that got us all interested in the Final Fantasy XV for Switch. Although he did not confirm it at the event, he did hint that there might be another released soon and that it will be for a “certain console with a name that sounds almost like Twitch”.

He could not have made it clear enough as Switch rhymes perfectly with Twitch. We do not know if the Switch is going to get the actual game or this Pocket Edition. Hopefully, more details will be released soon.

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