Final Fantasy XIV Merges With Monster Hunter World

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Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World players will both get a taste of the other game soon as it was announced that the developers will have some special content available for both games.

In the new trailer, it showed Rathalos from Monster Hunter World appearing in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can take it down and get the armor and Rathalos as a mount. Players can do this on the 7th of August at the Azim Steppe.

Monster Hunter players, on the other hand, will be given the opportunity to take on Behemoth. Both games have been quite successful in Japan and we could see why the crossover actually makes sense here since both games have their own massive beast boss to battle.

We can expect for crossover events to happen for Capcom games in the near as Capcom promise that other franchise will also get involved including Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and more.

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