Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat System Will Turn Heads

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We have been waiting to hear more about the Final Fantasy VII Remake and information has been slow. However the director said that the next time the remake is shown he will go into details about the overhaul of the battle system and we hear that it will turn heads.

It was said that the battles in Final Fantasy VII will have changed a lot from the original version as they now offer up more action. This came from the mouth of the director and he went on to say that the next time we hear information about the game it would be to explain the battle system specifically.

The director said that he wanted to explain what the system has become to players. He also went on to talk about how no one is able to imagine a concrete battle, so he is working on steps to show people and explain it. It really does sound like it is going to be a good battle.

Nomura also said that the new combat system for Final Fantasy VII is going to work and told us about having checked Guard Scorpion at the start and it offers superb realism.

So for now this is all the information we have about Final Fantasy VII and the new battle system that is going to come with it.

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