Final Fantasy Explorers Review: 7 Critics Speak Up

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Final Fantasy Explorers is finally here and with it the top game critics on the web have shared their view of the game. Overall it seems to have gotten a better than expected score. Here are their verdicts:

IGN [6.8/10]

For a few hours at least, Final Fantasy Explorers is a charming little adventure that’s fun to play alone with your monster buddies or with real-life friends. But repetitive quests, the lack of a serious challenge until late in the story and a poor travel system eventually broke the charm spell that Explorers had cast upon me.

Game Informer [7.75/10]

While the progression loop proves strong, the combat is disappointing. It relies on more button mashing and spamming special attacks than actual strategy (outside of running away from enemies before they attack). You have a special ability called crystal surge, which changes things up by adding elemental properties and other perks to your abilities. While battles get tougher as you advance, don’t expect the same level of difficulty or tactics you’d put into a big fight like in Monster Hunter.

Gamespot [7/10]

The sheer number of quests and the complexity of customization will keep you busy for hours. If you like that sort of thing, that is. Even though its economy leaves a bit to be desired, it’s not clunky enough to dissuade you from working hard to earn items and craft your ultimate armor.

MMORPG [8.2/10]

You’ll be able to take along any combination of 3 friends, monsters, or strangers via the internet to get the job done. With 12 Eidolons to capture, 21 jobs to unlock, and 10 different historic characters to collect there is more than enough Final Fantasy fan service offered up in Explorers to ensure that it successfully married the best of monster hunter style action RPGs and the Final Fantasy franchise.

Destructoid [7/10]

Final Fantasy Explorers has a litany of pacing issues, particularly when it comes to its quests and, visually, it feels like a DS-era game at times. But players who are willing to jump in with both feet will find a lot to love, and that goes double if you’re planning to play through the adventure with a friend.

NintendoWorldReport [7/10]

Final Fantasy Explorers is layered with systems and mechanics, some of which are great and others that aren’t. It all works best when it’s dripping with nostalgia, which might not make for an amazing game, but it makes for a good time if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy. It doesn’t have the nuance or depth of a Monster Hunter game, but it’s a decent, enjoyable experience that is well worth checking out, especially if you can play locally or online.

Nintendo Life [7/10]

Final Fantasy Explorers feels like an entry point for the genre rather than a true rival to Capcom’s crown – it’s accessible and enjoyable, but the shallow nature of the gameplay might leave seasoned players feeling a little cold after extended play.

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