Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC Will Be On Butterfingers?

Cloud’s Butterfingers will be working with Square Enix on a special Final Fantasy VII campaign where players can get the upcoming DLC by buying the chocolate.

According to the websites, the campaign will start on the 3rd of March at 12 PM ET. Fans will have to get the Butterfinger, Baby Ruth or Crunch Bars to get the free DLC. All they need to do is send images of their barcodes.

Players will also need to buy two products at once. Of course, the DLCs can only be claimed when the DLC actually comes out which is on the 10th of April on PlayStation 4. The deal will be in America only since Butterfinger is an American product.

More details should be arriving later on as we still do not know where the images need to be sent to and how players will be getting. The new Final Fantasy VII Remake game will be a PS4 exclusive game for a year.