Final Fantasy 15 PC Demo: What We Know Now

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Square Enix has announced that the pc version of Final Fantasy 15 will finally be arriving next month but fans will get to have a taste of it this week thanks to the release of the free demo.

According to Square Enix, the free demo of Final Fantasy 15 will be released next week through Steam, Origin and the Microsoft Store. The demo will be available on the 26th of February and players will get to enjoy the first chapter of the game including all the tutorials as well as quests.

Not only will this allow the players to see and experience the game before buying it but players will also get to find out how well their PC handles the game. The full came will officially be released on the 6th of March.

Fans would also probably like to know that if they purchase the game before April ends, they will receive the Half-Life Pack which will include the Gordon Freeman costume, and his crowbar which can be used as a weapon in the game.