Final Fantasy 15 Leaves PC Gamers Out Cold

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If you are considering waiting for Final Fantasy 15 to arrive on the PC then you might have to be very patient as the co-director said that if they were to develop the PC version it might take a year or more. With this in mind you might want to give up and go for the PS4 version instead.

He said that the studio would work on Final Fantasy 15 for the PC and they would work to provide a better version of the game on the consoles.

However he also said that to offer up the game on the PC it would take more than a year as they would have to adapt the engine and this is something that would take time along with developing the course of the game.

In April this year it was said that Square Enix would be taking a good and hard look at porting Final Fantasy 15 to the PC following its launch on consoles. It was said that right now they are not decided and that they were considering a lot of things.

Final Fantasy 15 is coming out onto the Xbox One and PS4 29 November this year, originally it was supposed to arrive in September.

But would you wait for more than a year to get hold of Final Fantasy 15 on the PC?

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