Figures Show iPhone 7 Isn’t Really That Successful

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iPhones used to be very successful phones, as people clambered to buy them as soon as they came out, but it looks like the iPhone 7 isn’t all that successful in some parts of the world, if the figures can be believed. Analysts have said that the device hasn’t helped the phone maker gain market shares in China, which is a country that is high on the list of Apple to grow the iPhone business.

China accounts for around one third of the smartphone shipments around the world. Buyers in the market are going towards local brands such as Vivo, Xiaomi and Huawei. Apple came in fifth place and Samsung wasn’t among the top five.

The phone shipments of the iPhone 7 came to 43.8 million in 2016and this was a drop of 18.2% when compared to the year before and things are not looking too good for Apple during 2017.

It may be that buyers in China are waiting for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone as they have great expectations for the handset. While the iPhone 8 could be more successful than the iPhone 7, this isn’t going to have any effect on the long term trend of people in China buying locally.

Huawei sold 76.2 million handsets during 2016, Oppo sold 73.2 million, Vivo sold 63.2 million and the market share of Xiaomi went down by 21% to 51.4 million units. So Apple will be hoping that the iPhone 8 is going to do better than the iPhone 7.

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