Ferrari Purosangue SUV Giving Ferrari A Hard Time

With Ferrari rivals like Lamborghini already offering an SUV model, it was only about time before Ferrari comes out with their own. The automaker has already revealed that they will be working on an SUV called the Purosangue but it looks like creating one might not be as easy as Ferrari thought.

Ferrari admitted that the development of the SUV is turning out to be quite a challenge for them. The new SUV will be riding on the scalable front-mid-engined architecture from Ferrari which will be able to support V6, V8 and V12 engines even if they were hybrids. It also supports two plus two and four-seat cabin configurations.

It was added that designing the interior also turned out to be quite a challenge as Ferrari needs to find the balance between having a sporty interior that also offer comfort.

The SUV along with 15 more new Ferraris is expected to arrive sometime in between this year and 2023.