Ferrari Looking To Take On Tesla In Near Future

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Ferrari is certainly not a rival most automaker would like to face and luckily, it was never a rival that Tesla had to deal with as Ferrari has stayed away from electric powertrains all these while but that might change real soon.

According to Bloomberg, Ferrari is certainly looking to release their first electric supercar in the near future. Although they did not reveal what they are working on or when we will see it, they did confirm that an electric supercar is definitely on the table.

Once the vehicle arrives, it will most likely compete with the top performance electric out there right now which belongs to Tesla. Most people initially believe that Ferrari had no interest in getting involved with electric powertrain but this proves that even Ferrari can’t stay out if it forever.

Besides revealing their plans for an electric supercar, it was also announced that Ferrari will be working on an SUV of their own that will be arriving in 2019 or 2020.

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