FCEV Hyundai Crossover Will Put Tuscon To Shame

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The FCEV powered Hyundai Tuscon has a lot to offer but there is definitely room for improvement and we should be seeing that when Hyundai takes the cover off their new FCEV powered Hyundai Crossover next year.

The new FCEV powered model will be coming with a hydrogen engine that is an upgraded version of the Tuscon engine. Besides having 20% more power to offer, the FCEV engine will also be modified so that it can handle cold weather better. Hyundai also added that the engine will come with three tanks instead of two.

The vehicle was spotted by spies recently and since Hyundai did not bother to cover much of the vehicle, we got to see what the vehicle will look like when it arrives. Overall, the design is pretty similar to the design we have seen when Hyundai showed off the concept a few months ago.

More should be revealed next year. No official announcement has been made yet but most people believe that the vehicle will be making its debut next year at CES.

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