The FCA boss Sergio Marchionne has had a go at Lamborghini in order to lift Ferrari. The boss took the stab at Lamborghini to make an argument for the higher output production over at Ferrari.

He made a promise that the production of Ferrari would be ramped up this year, however he still suggested that the output wouldn’t be enough to meet the demand, as demand is so strong.

The boss was talking during a media event held in Geneva and he said that Ferrari plan on building less than 8.500 units during 2017. Of course this number does happen to be significantly bigger than the 7,000 cap that was previously imposed. It is also below the recommendation that Marchionne personally made, which was for 10,000 vehicles per year.

He went on to say that there is a huge waiting list for some of their vehicles and went on to say that he talked with many consumers who missed out getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari. He also made it point to say that this was the worst thing that you could possibly do to a customer.

He then went on to continue with his argument when Lamborghini was mentioned and said that many people had gone out and purchased a Lamborghini as they weren’t able to get hold of a Ferrari.

Back in2014 the head of Ferrari and Lamborghini got in a sparring match about the production numbers of Ferrari. Di Montezemolo, the chairman at that time, said that in order for the Ferrari to remain exclusive no more than 7,000 units should be made. He then resigned and the output volume over at Ferrari was bumped up.

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