FCA Aims For Dodge Challenger & Camaro To Join Forces

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Thanks to the efforts of Ford and GM, both automakers now have the ability to push their fuel economy ratings of their respective lineups higher thanks to the new ten-speed transmission technology they developed together over the past few years.

But just because GM managed to put aside its difference with its closest rival for the greater good, doesn’t mean that it would jump into the same ship with the other Michigan automaker, FCA.

That’s because FCA doesn’t merely want to work hand-in-hand with GM on a project, it intends to merge with its rival; or at least CEO Sergio Marchionne intends to. And the Italian-Canadian chief executive, controversial as he is, can be quite persistent.

In 2015, GM CEO Mary Barra refused to entertain the idea of an FCA-GM merger and made that pretty clear to Marchionne. However, the FCA boss has brought it up once more, this time by saying that president-elect Donald Trump would surely support the coming together of both automakers.

He argues that by remaining separate, both sides are wasting a lot of cash in capital – about €2 billion per week. And of course, teaming up with GM would allow FCA to get a reprieve in its current financial distress which sees it carry a debt of nearly €7 billion.

Imagine both the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger being part of the same umbrella. Both would stand to gain plenty of improvements through shared development and technology, though it would be still odd for them to not be on opposing sides.

Anyway, that would probably not happen anytime soon as GM has reiterated its position in this matter: No.

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