Far Cry 5 Review: Another Disappointment

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Far Cry games are all about the freedom player gets and the new Far Cry 5 will be no exception but from what we have seen so far, it looks like the game will have nothing more to offer except for its open world.

As nice as it is to explore and see the world that the developers have created, the best games are those that make you feel like you are part of an important story and that part seems to be lacking in the new game.

Then there is the whole co-op portion of the game. While it is nice to play the game with your friends, there is some downside to playing it in co-op mode. First things first, the other players will not be able to see all the cutscenes so the other player will be in the dark when the main player is enjoying all the story. Guest also tends to have fewer incentives so most people would prefer not to play as a guest.

Overall, we think that Far Cry 5 will be a great game to pass time but don’t expect anything mind-blowing.

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